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An Ah Beng A Day Keeps The Doctor Away Vol 1
Uniquely and essentially Asian is Ah Beng! While a professor of English would tear his hair at Ah Beng's use of the language, who can resist the simple heart of this endearing character? In "An Ah Beng a day keeps the doctors away", Ng Wah Lok has beautifully captured the innocence of Malaysia's "not so smart comedian who shows flashes of brilliance". His brand new joke book presents in a delightful manner, with graphic design by Vince Seah and cartoons by Liyin which will enthrall you, &n.....
Artistic - Poems by Angelina Lim | Art by Frankie Lim
This book evokes such strong emotions.  The poems tug at your heart.  The art is startling as it holds your eyes with rapt attention and reveals the inner most feelings of a person who is supposed to be autistic. The truth is Frankie is the same as you and I, in the happiness and sadness he experiences.  What's uncommon is he is much more special because he has a unique gift that is rare.  Even more touching is his sister Angelina, who has the sensitivity to feel and see.....
Awaken The Warrior
" Take up the pen and write the book. Pass on your faith, so that the next generation will know now how to flight their own battles. 
by Lucy Loo

Becoming Hannah
By Hannah Yeoh Hannah Yeoh Tseow Suan is the speaker of the Selangor State Legislative Assembly and  State Assemblyman for Subang Jaya, Selangor. Hannah won the N31 state seat in the  General Elections 2008 as a DAP candidate at the age of 29. She was elected as the  Speaker at age of 34, making her the first woman and youngest Speaker in Malaysia. She obtained her Bachelor of Laws from University of Tasmania. She is married to  Ramachandran M, an IT entrepren.....
Bribery And Corruption
Bribery and Corruption: Biblical Reflections and Case Studies for the Marketplace in Asia Graceworks' latest publication, Bribery and Corruption: Biblical Reflections and Case Studies for the Marketplace in Asia is now available for ppurchase.  The external pressures faced by Christians in the marketplace in Asia are the same as those faced by Christians worldwide.  Few of us have sufficient inner spiritual strength and pastoral support to deal with the relentless power of sin as ma.....
Help! I'm Growing Old
Growing old is not easy.  Faced with issues such as retirement, declining physical health and the loss of peers, many find the later years daunting.  Urged on by a desire to help others, author Chuah Tong-Ik spent a year researching on aging-related topics and has sieved out useful tips into this compact primer.  "Help! I'm Growing Old" speaks like an old friend, caring and concerned for the reader. So pick this book up, and discover new joys in your senior years!.....
Honk! If You're Malaysian
Lydia Teh, the observer of the absurdities of Malaysian life, returns with more absurdities of life and oddities of human behaviour. Everything in life is grist for her mill; there's always something in the nothingness of everyday life that does not escape her pin-sharp eye. In this collection of anecdotes, she brings on more trenchant observations that capture the variegated textures and nuances of Malaysian life as it is lived." Eric Forbes Lydia Teh is a Malaysian writer and blogger. These l.....
Mars 12 Destination Mars
The first teenage adventure to Mars!An exciting journey full of teenage angst, romance and scientific facts. No fancy technology. No magic. No geniuses.  Just teenagers like you and me. Bent on revenge and eager to realize his childhood dream, eccentric billionaire James Billion decides to organize the most ridiculous space mission ever-under his firm's supervision, twelve selected teenagers will design and build spacecrafts capable of reaching Mars and returning safely with current tech.....
Money & Sense
SYNOPSIS Timmy Tapir always gets excited whenever he meets his friends and they learn new things together. Through his fun adventures, Timmy learns 'little jewels' on finances that are so important and helpful to him like how to save money for something he really likes, the right  way to effective budgetting, money allocation to save and spend,  how to help others in kindness through creative ideas  and how to have an enterprising mind and start a little business of your own to e.....
After a delicious feast at Grandma's, Anya was paid a surprise visit by Aunty Nyonya, her fairy godmother, who granted Anya her wish to go on an adventure! On the count of three, Anya leaped onto the Phoenix's tail and off they traversed the tropical forests to arrive at the 'Land of the Ethereal'. There, she met Candice, the caterpillar where their friendship and exciting journey began. In the midst of enjoying a picnic with their friends, a chameleon lurked from above and decided Candice would.....
Penang Passion
The Penang Passion cookbook is a compilation of recipes on foods that are close to the hearts of Penangnites as well as those who are fortunate enough to lay tongue on them.  It doesn't stop at just recipes.  The Penang Passion cookbook also divulges information on spices that are featured heavily in Penang cuisine, and educates its readers on how these spices have affected the tastes of the food throughout its conception. This cookbook goes beyond being just another cookbook. It re.....
Penang's History, My Story
The latest book by Wong Chun Wai takes us through a journey of the streets of Penang.  History comes alive as Wong shares his personal stories growing up in his beloved hometown.  The book sheds light on facets of Penang's history that are not known to many.  Compiled from the series he wrote for the Metro section of The Star, the book also comes with the bonus sharing by Chun Wai's friends who also come from Penang.  This book is a must-read not o.....
Plague Fighter - The Autobiography of A Modern Chinese Physician
Known as the Plague Fighter and the man who beat the Black Death, Dr. Wu Lien-Teh (18791960) laid the foundations of the modern medical service in China.  The son of a Taishan migrant from China, he was born in Penang and attended the Penang Free School.  Winning a Queens scholarship, he became the first medical student of Chinese descent to be educated at Cambridge, where he graduated from Emmanuel College with string of prizes.  Returning to Malaya, he under.....
RISE Rhythm Interactive Special Enabler
The R.I.S.E. program was designed to share the therapeutic benefits of music with kids that have special needs via percussions, which is now available in the form of a book. 

As a musician and music educator Edwin Nathaniel shares his  journey that led him to release the instructional book.

Road To Beautiful - A Journey Of Hope
Road to Beautiful is a true story of a young man whose promising career was abruptly halted after he was diagnosed with Stage Three nose cancer.  This is a story about one man's triumph over the fear of death, and the challenges he experienced in overcoming physical, mental and emotional anguish. In 2006, when Gerard Khaw first discovered that he had cancer, his entire world was shattered but the managed to overcome it.  Two years later, he suffered a relapse and was subsequently di.....
Step In ( True stories of Women Blasting Barriers, Prepping Pampers and Slaying Stereotypes)
  True stories of Women Blasting Barriers, Prepping Pampers and Slaying Stereotypes
Storms & Rainbows Of A Life
Here is a true tale of a seemingly ordinary lady that went through a whole host of storms and lived to tell a story about it: adopted at birth, a cancer survivor many times over, near-death experiences, a disabled, a single parent with two kids, financial struggles, failed business, lost relationships - and she is a mother, an entrepreneur, an artist, a designer, a grandmother. She wears many hats and weathered many storms through pure grit and a smile on her face. In her own inimitabl.....
The Fierce Aunty's No-nonsense Guide To The Perfect LAKSA
'The Fierce Aunty's No-Nonsense Guide to the Perfect Laksa' is an exacting and comprehensive book that takes you through the A to Z of making laksa from many states in Malaysia, and its surrounding countries......
The Last Jews of Penang
Publisher: Matahari Books Author: Zayn Gregory & Arif Rafhan Page: 39 pages Year of issue: 2021 Language: English Not very long ago, a small but thriving community of Jews called the island of Penang their home. With a presence spanning across two centuries, this little-known but truly Malaysian community eventually vanished, but traces remain! With prose by Zayn Gregory accessible even to goys of all ages, and beautiful illustrations by Arif Rafhan, The L.....
The Penang House: Rise of the Malaysian Architect 1887-2017 ARCHITECTURE, CULTURAL HERITAGE, PENANG Jon Sun Hock Lim 2022.
Was Penang the cradle of modern Malaysian architecture? Jon Lim takes the reader through over two centuries of architectural development in Penang to demonstrate that not only did it begin on the island, but it has influenced the direction of architecture throughout peninsula Malaysia to the present day. In this, his second volume, he details the rise of the local architects who broke away from their colonial mentors to develop their own distinctive designs. Profusely illustrated, it is equally .....
Unsung Patriot Wong Pow Nee
The Unsung Patriot: Memoirs of Wong Pow Nee is a record of Pow Nee's impeccable journey in writing national history - rising from humble beginnings as a farmer and school teacher to public office as the first Chief Minister of Penang from 1957 to 1969. Apart from rare insights and accounts of Pow Nee's early services and personal life, this book seeks to fill in the gaps of Penang's post-independence developmental history, while highlighting Pow Nee's personal struggles and major contributio.....
You Walk He Leads: Discerning, Aligning
The author Soon Hock makes the startling statement that most of the men and women of God in the Bible didn't go out of their way to discover God's will.  Rather, they walked with the Lord, and simply walked into His will.  The rest of the book, then, fleshes out the principles and practise of discerning, aligning and walking in God's will. The book does not shy away from hard questions like, is God's will a dot or a circle?  It also lays out critical principles to help a disci.....