About Us

The story of Precious Pages Resources 200903158357 (PG0246163-M) unfolded in the year 2010.

Where our current store is located in the heart of Georgetown, is also an educational toy/ resources centre which started its story 'once upon a time' in 2006. We added some children's books along the way, then parenting books to build families, spiritual books, leadership and business books and local publications to promote local authors. We ventured into the adventurous world of publishing when approached by some teachers in 2009 (ending up publishing 21 books for various authors from all over the world by 2021).

Our book section began to expand and we decided to open a 'new chapter' where Precious Pages Resources 200903158357 (PG0246163-M) was born. We have extended our books into many other areas which we love and have a passion for. One of them is encouraging Local Publications. Many of these 'treasures' are overlooked in the larger bookstores so we wanted to give a platform to promote such books as well as CDs of local music productions. Many astounded us with their high international quality!

We love to promote creativity and believe that WORDS have the POWER to transform thoughts, to heal, to give hope to a weary soul, to help people find 'their calling'! To even restore marriages, heal families as they understand each other more through what they read, the power to bring freedom, and even ouch! convictions.... To steer and guide, to express for us words we could not find. Books have power to reach deep into our hearts, search our souls and soothe our spirits.

In 2012, we created a section, shall we call 'chapter', just for books on and from Penang. Books which highlight our rich culture, food, heritage and local authors. In the same year, we were impacted by the story of an Australian man we met in Penang, who rose from being a poor assistant bricklayer to a billionaire (with a heart and ethical values) who is impacting many lives around the world. The KEY, he stressed.... was in reading autobiographies/ biographies, thousands of them.... We have begun our journey of bringing in such books so we can learn from the lives of leaders from all over the world. We hope together, we can learn from the lives of these people who have been on a journey. Perhaps you might be inspired to write too...

End of 2012 changed our 'Destiny'.... Singaporean author Patricia Chew approached us to publish her second children's book and we went on an exciting journey with her of publishing our first children's book 'The Quest for the Great Pearl'. During editing, our director Datin Josephine Yoong received 'inspiration' to write a book for even younger children and thus was birthed forth 'Timmy Tapir Learns to Do What's Right' which has also been translated into Bahasa Malaysia and Chinese, with more languages in the pipeline. We are excited about what we do and would love to have you visit us and share with us books which impacted you, and if we don't have them already, we would certainly try to bring them in, as chances are, someone else may be impacted too.

After all, that's our Vision: IMPACTING LIVES THROUGH BOOKS!