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Little Sifu Instant Satay Marinade (Nyonya Style)
An instant marinade to prepare your own Satay. Easy 3 steps preparation and cooking. Unlike the common skewered and barbequed meat which is often served alongside its delicious peanut dipping sauce, our Penang Little Sifu Satay Marinade is a product of the Nyonya Satay which does not require the dipping sauce at all. Instead, you can conveniently prepare your own Satay from the kitchen by using an oven toaster or stir fry and it will taste as good as the barbequed ones. It is smoke-free a.....
Little Sifu Nyonya Kapitan Curry Paste
Nyonya curry, or "gulai" as it is called by the Peranakan community, has a flavor and bite that is distinctively its own. The combination of ingredients create a mind-boggling aromatic tapestry. In most recipes, liberal use of coconut milk, lemongrass, turmeric, prawn paste, fennel seeds, cumin seeds, tamarind as well as fresh and dry chilies contribute to this. The result is a curry that is rich, but aromatic and tangy one at the same time. It is a perfect blend that is exquisitely combined, ye.....
Little Sifu Penang Siamese Laksa
Penang Siamese Laksa is the coconut-based broth cousin of the Penang's Asam Laksa. It is known as "Lemak Laksa" to the locals, which appropriately translates to Creamy Laksa. Despite having mostly the same ingredients, the broth's coconut base has its spice paste sautéed, thus bringing out more fragrance and making it a little richer, creamier, less spicy and less tangy than the Asam Laksa.
Shiffa Penang Curry Masala
Explore the taste of Malaysia with PENANG CURRY MASALA  by Shiffa Enterprise, a blend of spices that will help you make an authentic Malaysian curry. Shiffa Enterprise sources only the freshest and finest spices from around the world and uses a state of the art spice mill to create a spice that has a unique purity with fresh aroma and flavours. This CURRY MASALA  spice blend contains a mix of classic spices such Coriander, fennel, cumin, chilli, turmeric, nutmeg, maze and.....