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A Certain Kind

In his latest book, Rev Edmund Chan sounds the clarion call to return the Church to her disciplemaking roots - of reproducing disciples of "a certain kind"!

A Life Worth Living
What kind of life do you want? What is the desire of your heart?  The casual, uncommitted approach to life requires no effort and will cause you nothing except the incredible experience of knowing God, of living life to the fullest . . ......
Echoes From Borneo
Echoes From Borneo
Real Life Stories from a Medical Doctor who served in the interiors and Towns of Borneo.
Medicine is a calling. It involves love, sacrifice and a passion to save lives. Every young doctor should read this book which chronicles the exciting adventures of Dr.Mega. 
Fresh Wind, Fresh Fire
The times are urgent, God is on the move, now is the moment to...ask God to ignite his fire in your soul! Pastor Jim Cymbala believes that Jesus wants to renew his people-to call us back from spiritual dead ends, apathy, and lukewarm religion. Cymbala knows the difference firsthand.  Twenty-five years ago, his own church, the Brooklyn Tabernacle, was a struggling congregation of twenty.  Then they began to pray...God began to move...street-hardened lives by the hu.....
Growing Leaders: Invaluable Insights From A Life Of Learning And Leading
Growing Leaders: Invaluable Insights From A Life Of Learning And Leading
Pastor Chua Wee Hian shares the life-long wealth of his experience and insights, exploring the 'peaks and the pits' of leadership throughout. He majors on the importance of 'adding value' to the people we serve by inspiring them to be like Jesus, 'full of grace and truth'. Pastor Chua is keen to emphasise that spiritual leadership is not just about individuals and the Lord; it is the product of the company leaders keep, too. Do we 'walk with giants' and 'soar with eagles' or do we unknowingly.....
Hand Me A Vision by Fillomina Joseph
Hand Me A Vision An Amazing Destiny Awaits!  God the Father is handing a vision to awaken His handmaidens to arise to the fullness of their calling and achieve their God-given destiny.  Women have remained hidden in most of the biblical narratives. Jesus and the Holy Spirit endorsed the emergence of the rightful roles of women in the Gospels and Acts. A timely visual call to encourage and motivate both genders to co-labour for a great revival in God's Plan......
Keys To Health, Wholeness, & Fruitfulness - Participant's Guide
KEYS TO HEALTH, WHOLENESS, & FRUITFULNESS is an 8-session video-based discipleship course for every Christian. It is ideal for small groups or individuals. It has eight main sessions, two optional extra sessions, and a ministry component: The Steps To Health & Wholeness. Understand how to look after your whole being - spirit, mind, and body. Uncover the roots of health issues and learn to resolve them.. Live well despite the limitations of your physical body. Get rid of stress,.....
Living Between The Seals
Living Between The Seals
Memoirs of a Doctor: An extraordinary journey of faith across continents that will encourage, enlighten, and empower you to fulfil your God-ordained destiny! Dr. Andrew C.S.Koh
Memoirs of a Doctor is a story my life. The story began from my birthday on 11th January 1952 until my retirement day on 11th Jan 2020. The purpose of my memoir is to document my life story as a legacy for my family, relatives and friends. The story traced back to the tough beginnings of the 1950s when life and society was very backward, industrialisation, computerisation and automation was unheard of. Life was slow and leisurely, letters were sent and read through the postal service, and commun.....
Operating in the Courts of Heaven
Why do some people pray in agreement with God's will, heart and timing, yet the desired answers do not come? Why would God not respond when we pray from the earnestness of our hearts? What is the problem, or better yet, what is the solution?  Robert Henderson believes the answer is found in where your prayer actually takes place. We must direct our prayer towards the Courts of Heaven and not only the battlefield. Robert shows that it is in the courtrooms of Heaven where our breakthroug.....
Personal Encounter With The Great I Am
How far can the hand of God reach? Is His saving grace available to everyone? Shelly Suppiah tells the remarkable story of how the Lord took her from a childhood dominated by fear, abandonment and darkness and, through a personal encounter with Him, to a new life of joy. She shares with reader insights the Lord has given her regarding the Christian church today.
The Fear Of The Lord
The fear of the Lord is the key to the treasures of salvation, wisdom, and knowledge.  In this book, John challenges you to reverence God in a way that will transform your daily life. •Experience deeper intimacy in your relationship with God •See more of God's glory in your church, prayers, and personal life Find purpose and focus.....
The Grace Course - Participant's Guide: A 6-Week Discipleship Course
The Grace Course Participant Guide is an excellent tool to bring us before our Father God... and into His grace. This study can be used with or without the Grace Course DVD, but each chapter directly follows each session of the DVD. In Chapter One, walk with Jesus through the story of the prodigal sons. In Chapter Two, grasp hold of your forgiveness in Christ and cancel your guilt trips! In Chapter Three, you'll learn how to exit from a shame-based identity into the newn.....
Wild at Heart
John Eldredge revises and updates his best-selling, renowned Christian classic, Wild at Heart, and in it invites men to: Recover their masculine heart. See themselves in the image of a passionate god. Delight in the strength and wildness men were created to offer. In this provocative book, Eldredge provides a look inside the true heart of a man and gives men permission to be what God designed them to be-dangerous, passionate, alive, and free. Measu.....
You Walk He Leads: Discerning, Aligning
The author Soon Hock makes the startling statement that most of the men and women of God in the Bible didn't go out of their way to discover God's will.  Rather, they walked with the Lord, and simply walked into His will.  The rest of the book, then, fleshes out the principles and practise of discerning, aligning and walking in God's will. The book does not shy away from hard questions like, is God's will a dot or a circle?  It also lays out critical principles to help a disci.....