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8 - 12 Years

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Chicken Soup For The Christian Teenage Soul
For teens who make God an integral part of their lives, teens who are sorting through doubts about whether God really cares about them, and teens who don't know God at all, Chicken Soup for the Christian Teenage Soul may be one of the most influential books they'll ever read. These stories about love, friendship, forgiveness, making a difference, courage, dating (and lots more) show how God is at work in teenagers' lives.  Teens share stories about how God has given them the co.....
Elf-help Keeping School Cool!
Elf-help Books for Kids - Addressing the needs of children and the adults who care for them. By Michaelene Mundy; Illustrated by R.W. Alley From the end of August until the first part of June, our children spend more of their waking hours at school than at home. And while elementary school problems may sometimes seem trivial compared to our adult worries, we need to remember that our children's problems can be just as gut-wrenching and nerve-wracking as any adult's. This thoughtfully written boo.....
Guardians of the Forest Arise
A sudden earthquake followed by an aftershock shakes up the animals of the Evergreen Forest. There is much devastation and jailbreaks take place in both Tapirville and Sunbear Territory. The old villains escape from prison and are back to wreak havoc in Evergreen Forest. An ATM heist takes place in Tapirville, and the The Purple Peril is a suspect. That is not all! Someone wants to prevent Duke Duck from helping the injured sunbears. But Tony Tapir and his fellow Guardians of the Forest .....
Rainforest Hike
There's never a dull moment for Xiao Rae and her friend, Nazri.  There are just so many things to do - from making pickles or acar to jungle trekking and catching guppies, they have so much fun! Join them in their journeys of discovery......
The Case Of The Talented Trio
In this second adventure through The Door Under the Stairs, Emil, Hanna and Joe, went back in time and found themselves in a film studio.  They met P. Ramlee, the legendary Malaysian actor, songwriter, singer and director.  But P. Ramlee was not famous then. He was discouraged and had no new ideas.  It was up to the three friends to find a way to inspire him but they did not expect to be in the middle of a war!.....
The Mystery Of The Missing National Anthem
If you were an inquisitive ten year old and discovered a mysterious door hidden under the stairs near the science lab what would you do?  Well Joe pushed it open and went inside. The door slammed shut. The room was very small and dark.  He pushed open the door in a hurry and got the shock of his life. He'd gone back in the time to just before Merdeka and met Tunku Abdul Rahman.  Tunku was was in a dilemma as he couldn't find the right music for Malaysia's new .....
The Mystery of the Missing Tapirs
Evergreen Forest is once again abuzz with activity. Someone has kidnapped the young Tapirs and Duke Duck. Who is the wicked mastermind behind these kidnappings? What is his motive? Join Tony Tapir and his friends as they crack secret passwords and uncover the identity of  the mysterious Purple Peril. Discover the perils the kidnapped animals find themselves in and find our if they will be rescued in time......
The Quest For The Great Pearl
There is trouble brewing in the exotic Evergreen Forest." Rex the Lion and Raja the Elephant are very concerned about it. To restore peace and order, the animals have to find the mysterious Great Pearl.  A motley gang of animals bravely step up for the task and go on a wild and exciting journey that takes them to places such as The Dragon's Lair and the Land of a Thousand Waters. Will they find the Great Pearl and will peace be restored in Evergreen Forest? Join the animals on their jour.....