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Memoirs of a Doctor: An extraordinary journey of faith across continents that will encourage, enlighten, and empower you to fulfil your God-ordained destiny! Dr. Andrew C.S.Koh
Memoirs of a Doctor is a story my life. The story began from my birthday on 11th January 1952 until my retirement day on 11th Jan 2020. The purpose of my memoir is to document my life story as a legacy for my family, relatives and friends. The story traced back to the tough beginnings of the 1950s when life and society was very backward, industrialisation, computerisation and automation was unheard of. Life was slow and leisurely, letters were sent and read through the postal service, and commun.....
PARADISE LOST: Mahathir & The End of Hopetakes a critical look at Dr Mahathir Mohamad's role in Malaysia's political evolution and his ultimately destructive legacy of corruption, racism and religious extremism. He inherited a nation pregnant with promise and left it mired in division, uncertainty and instability, a grand kleptopia, a terrible kakistocracy. It also examines the role Mahathir played in Pakatan Harapan's stunning 2018 electoral victory and his subsequent betrayal of the coalit.....