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Teach Your Child These Values

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Do What's Right
English, BM & Chinese Version Available Too

Upon Grandpa Tapir's advice, Timmy Tapir goes on a search foe what it means to 'Do what's right'.

Join him as he asks those he loves and finds nuggets of truth through simple rhymes about what INTEGRITY means.

Fit Can Be Fun Elf - Help
People come in all shapes and sizes. That's the way God makes us. How boring would it be if we all looked the same? Some things we can't change, like how tall we are or the color of our eyes. Some things we can, like how we treat other people or how we take care of our bodies. This book is about taking care of our bodies so they work the best they can. You'll find that life is a lot more fun when you have a body that works well. Measurement: 20.3cm x 20.3cm x 0.3cm Total pages: 32 pages .....
Guardians of the Forest Arise
A sudden earthquake followed by an aftershock shakes up the animals of the Evergreen Forest. There is much devastation and jailbreaks take place in both Tapirville and Sunbear Territory. The old villains escape from prison and are back to wreak havoc in Evergreen Forest. An ATM heist takes place in Tapirville, and the The Purple Peril is a suspect. That is not all! Someone wants to prevent Duke Duck from helping the injured sunbears. But Tony Tapir and his fellow Guardians of the Forest .....
One Caring Kid- Elf help
A book about YOU-and What Your Kindness Can Do! Speaks to the child's desire to become his or her best self, to not only "get along" with the people in the world, but to make the world itself a better place. Through thought-provoking words and illustrations, this book gives guidance on such critical themes as family life, ecology, cultural diversity, human relations, the spiritual call to love God and one another. Measurement: 20.3cm x 20.3cm x 0.3cm Total pages: 32 pages Weight:  5.....
Playing It Safe Elf - help
Playing It Safe emphasizes for caring grown-ups the need for loving guidance, family togetherness, and clear communications. For children it enters their real, everyday lives, and provides guidance and upbeat directions for making their world a safer, better one. Measurement: 20.3cm x 20.3cm x 0.3cm Total pages: 32 pages Weight:  50 gm ISBN: 978-971-590-700-2 Publisher: One Caring Place/Abbey Press Date Published:2011 .....
Respect Dare to Care, Share and be Fair
Childhood is the time for virtues to be taught-or, more accurately, "caught." And the virtue of respect is one sorely needed in a world more and more diverse, congested, and interdependent. Just what is respect? "It's a good way to be-and a way to be good," say the authors of this helpful, yet entertaining children's book. "It's a way to care about others, ourselves, and our world. When we have the virtue of respect, we try to treat people and our whole world with extra love and kindness." .....
The Mystery of the Missing Tapirs
Evergreen Forest is once again abuzz with activity. Someone has kidnapped the young Tapirs and Duke Duck. Who is the wicked mastermind behind these kidnappings? What is his motive? Join Tony Tapir and his friends as they crack secret passwords and uncover the identity of  the mysterious Purple Peril. Discover the perils the kidnapped animals find themselves in and find our if they will be rescued in time......
The Quest For The Great Pearl
There is trouble brewing in the exotic Evergreen Forest." Rex the Lion and Raja the Elephant are very concerned about it. To restore peace and order, the animals have to find the mysterious Great Pearl.  A motley gang of animals bravely step up for the task and go on a wild and exciting journey that takes them to places such as The Dragon's Lair and the Land of a Thousand Waters. Will they find the Great Pearl and will peace be restored in Evergreen Forest? Join the animals on their jour.....
Two Sisters, One Sarong
A story about reconciliation. This endearing story revolves around two sisters, Gituan and Riang, who are joined by good times, play times and bed times with favourite sarong. As they grow up, jealousy, hatred and anger take over and cause a separation between them and colours of the pages begin to fade away. The colours only begin to return with the arrival of their little sister, Inang. However, it was not until a crisis took place that finally broke open their hearts and allowed love to fl.....
You Are Special
n this heart-warming tale, Eli helps Punchinello understand how he is - no matter what other Wemmicks may think. Children will learn a vital lesson - regardless of how the world sees them, God loves each of them just as they are. Measurement: 13.5cm x 14.5cm x 1.7cm Total pages: 24 pages Weight:  50gm ISBN: 978-1-58134-219-2 Publisher: Crossway Books Date Published:1997 Printing company: Printed in China .....